Why my sites search keyword decreasing?

1 year ago from , Content management of alivelaugh

Every 7 days, I publish at least one content on my site, but from one month my site search keyword are decreasing. But every day my sites Alexa rank is increasing smoothly. can anyone know the problem, why it happening?

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  • Laraina Stevens, 10 months ago

    There can be a lot of issues, to happen this. But I will focus on three things if I were you, First, you should focus your Technical SEO (ON-Page), Social Signal and Backlink on my competitor, increase the volume of the content. It’s also to make sure that you are getting the right information about the ranking, you can check your keyword ranking from here-https://kparser.com/google-instant-search/, This is fully free and you can get the most accurate ranking from this awesome tools. I hope you will glad to use it. Thanks!

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