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    So, apart from the obvious gender thingo, what's been improved over the existing postman interface? It's one of my day-to-day tools, and would be interested where your team found downfalls with it?

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    • , 8 months ago
      1. Multi-platform & Multi-device support. Postwoman works on any device (PC, Tablet, Smart phone, Smart watch) with an internet connection.
      2. No RAM consumption. Unlike Postman, which is a Electron app, Postwoman is a PWA (Progressive web app) and don't eats up your RAM and GUP/CPU resource. There's lot of other features a PWA offers such as offline support, Native app like installation, request caching, real-time updates (no need to download 100+ MB file to update app) etc..
      3. Minimal. Follows minimal UI design principles.
      4. Permalink shareability. Share requests among teams with permalink within a click.
      5. Most of the paid features offered by Postman is being implemented to Postwoman and expect to launch within weeks.
      6. Web Socket support.
      7. Open sourced as a whole and have an amazing community. 3.8k+ stars on GitHub just after 1 month of launch and still growing.

      For more features and all read Story behind Postwoman article on dev.to.

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