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  • Caleb Barclay, 10 months ago

    Excited to finally launch this project! This is a full redesign that includes 40 new prefabs and a complete UX overhaul. We've had some traction with our MVP (3,761 leads) and got some great feedback that we’ve implemented in this version:

    • Added over 40 new prefabs
    • Targeted North American Manufacturers (lower shipping cost, permits)
    • Clearer prices, process, and service offerings for each home
    • Added DIY options for just parts and/or blueprints
    • Added financing: Interest-free cash for homeowners

    Ben at Makerpad interviewed me about the process: https://bit.ly/2oB7DDa. It is a no-code website, built entirely in Webflow.

    Would love to hear your feedback

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