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  • Ed Moss, 10 months ago

    Hey everyone,

    I'm launching Easy Resume to help job-seekers spice up their resume and stand out from the crowd. There's quite a few of these resume builders out there sure, but after receiving some feedback from our designs and others alike, I realized people really gravitated to the creativity and simplicity of our style so we built a simple app to help job seekers build their resume fast and efficiently.

    What you can expect from our initial launch:

    • Launch sale for 50% off! Get 1 year of access for just $30 (comes out to $2.50/month).

    • We're just getting started with an initial set of 9 resume templates, but we're hoping to increase this to 15 by the end of the year. Either way, once you sign up, you can create unlimited resumes.

    • Free for college/university students! Just sign in with your .edu email address (currently only supports Google accounts).

    • Share your resume with recruiters and hiring managers using a shareable link.

    • In the future, you can expect more resume templates, colors, cover letters, resume and job-description keyword parsing, microsites, mobile/responsive resume builder, how-to-guides & other awesome features and content.

    • Curious about the tech stack? We used Firebase, Next.js, Now, React, Styled Components (with Rebass) and MDX to build both the product and marketing website.

    Questions or feedback? Reach out via Twitter — https://twitter.com/easyresumeio

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