Affiliate networks for graphic designers

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Hello guys! We are a team of ui designers, we create ui kits, mockups and other paid and free products of high quality. A few days ago, we decided to try to start working with affiliate networks to attract traffic to our website, the idea that there are bloggers with an audience who are on special sites looking for advertising offers has long attracted. The essence of the question is this: which platform is best suited for this if we are engaged in graphic design (we want to act as advertisers accordingly). Maybe someone had experience using affiliate networks for these purposes (for the purpose of attracting traffic), please share your experience, we studied a lot of things on the Internet, but there is still no clarity on this issue. Thank you very much in advance!


  • Dan GDan G, 1 year ago

    If you're a team of graphic designers, you're not creating high quality UI kits.

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    • Shea LewisShea Lewis, 1 year ago

      hahahha this got me.

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    • , 1 year ago

      if you can’t advise anything sensible, do not clog the air please..

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      • Dan GDan G, 1 year ago

        graphic design =/ ui design

        one is for the physical, one is for interactive screens

        also i'm just bored of people thinking selling ui kits on DN = being a designer

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