Brand Strategy: What's Your Method?

8 months ago from , Founder at CLEAR AS_*

More specifically:

  • Do you have a structured approach with your clients before you start designing or consulting? How do you go about it?

  • Do you make a strategy session, process (or questionnaire) a precondition in order to work with you?

  • Do you charge your clients (extra) for it? (How much? - if you are comfortable talking about it)

  • What does your strategy work include?

What are your biggest challenges when it comes to selling and conducting brand strategy?

Hi - I'm doing a little research on how branding professionals, designers, consultants - small & medium-sized agencies or freelancers conduct brand strategy with their clients.

I have developed a semi-automated online program that I have been using to help businesses gain clarity and understand (and articulate) more precisely where they want to take their business and why. Initially, this program was developed to extract the information I needed to design and do branding work.

Since it has become a standalone product – aimed at small and medium-sized businesses directly - I have always been wondering if it might be interesting for agencies and freelancers to outsource their brand strategy sessions.

I'm thinking of adapting the program to fit the needs of branding & design professionals (possibly consultants), make it accessible as a white-label version and offer these "outsourced brand strategy sessions" as an option for professionals who are interested in adding this expertise to their portfolio.

I would be very grateful if you could help me with some info about how you go about this topic in your work with clients and/or open up the conversation to help me learn more about YOUR take on brand strategy.

Thank you! :)