• Dylan Dickey, 25 days ago

    Hey, I like what you've done with the redesign of the charging screen. It's one of those things that you don't really realize how much room it has for improvement until someone goes and does it.

    I do think that you need to tread carefully introducing some of the marketing/brand building type stuff into the car UI. IMO, the car should have the sole purpose of clearly presenting essential information and controls without ulterior motives. I've already purchased the car, and the ownership experience itself reinforces the brand. There are times and places for this sort of thing, but not in the product itself IMO. If I could get an email or report in the app once per month with the same savings info, that would be a better balance of useful and promotional.

    I do understand the "value over cost" concept, but I'm not sure that a selling technique serves the goal of creating a better experience for the user. When pulling into a supercharger, the key pieces of info that I need to know are how long it will take, how far I can drive on the charge, how much I'm paying for the service. The latter has been demoted in the hierarchy in service of brand building.

    Simple solution: swap the savings and cost figures. I think that the savings message is sort of implicit in the rock-bottom price anyway. That $0.42 price itself could be something that you want to highlight, given that a tank of gas can cost $50+.

    That aside, let's just assume that the promo stuff was a business requirement, in which case I think you did a great job putting the financial and environmental impact in terms that are easy to understand.

    Great work!

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    • Dan B, 25 days ago

      Hey Dylan. That's some amazing feedback thanks.

      RE: Brand: I actually agree with you. As I told @Mac in the previous comments,I probably pushed the "promotion" aspect a bit further than what Tesla would realistically implement in their phone app, but thought it would be interesting to show what can be done to promote word-of-mouth. L

      RE: Email Summary: Love the email summary idea, it was in my original designs and I descoped it. But after getting that suggestion on Reddit and here, I think I'll just go ahead and add it.

      Great feedback, and well articulated. Really appreciate it. Thanks.

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    • Dan B, 25 days ago

      PS: Just added a monthly email summary on Slide #12 to cover your (fair) point.

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  • Dan B, 25 days ago

    Just thought I'd give a bit of context for this story:

    I've been really impressed with the Model 3… so much that after the last time I brought it to a Supercharger while driving down to Boston… I took 80 hours to: - Interview Tesla drivers - Identify the top pain points with the charging experience - Analyze possible solutions - Wireframe a couple of layouts - Redesign every step of the experience I went through (including ways that Tesla could drive more word-of-mouth and focus on the environmental benefits.)

    The result is this interactive "comic book style" analysis on Tesla.

    I'd love to get your feedback on it.

    PS: Do you think some of the redesigns I suggested would make sense? What would do you like/would improve? (Please mention if you're driving a Tesla/EV in your reply, that'll give me some context)

    PPS: I keep editing the slides based on your feedback so thanks for sharing what you like/dislike! :)

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    • Mac Peterson, 25 days ago

      Cool story! (not a tesla user so don't listen ;)) Not sure if people want to see all this info while charging but definitely on the mobile app.

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      • Dan B, 25 days ago

        Thanks Mac! I probably pushed the "promotion" aspect a bit further than what Tesla would realistically implement in their phone app, but thought it would be interesting to show what can be done to promote word-of-mouth!

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    • Jerry TJerry T, 25 days ago

      Nice stuff. Saw your post on Reddit too. Impressive redesigns. I’m kinda geeky so I like seeing the voltage, so I’m not sure I’d hide them... but your point on the different markets makes a lot of sense. I’m curious: how much of that 80 hours was dedicated to the redesigns vs building this presentation?

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      • Dan B, 25 days ago

        Indeed, it became quite popular in /r/TeslaModel3! The audience there is obviously more "engineering-driven" so the feedback was interesting to look at. My biggest takeaway is that Tesla is really at the limit of two audiences: early adopters and early majority. They will have to make a few key design decisions to get even deeper in the global market. But they are on the right path!

        RE: Time: Yikes, I'm kinda ashame to answer that, but I'd say about 30% for the analysis and redesigns and 70% for the Slides content.

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    • Fulgenzia Delucci, 24 days ago

      Impressive as always. Great work!

      The part where it shows your stats actually reminded me of a quit-smoking app I used a couple of years ago. It also had a share option to share my progress (doesn't make sense to share that info, I'd take a quick screenshot and share it with my friends from time to time. I think it's similar for Tesla too. Even if I had one, my friends would perceive it as showing off maybe?

      Really excited to see your next case study.

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      • Dan B, 23 days ago

        A very legit concern indeed! It’s interesting because as the commoditization of EVs is happening, the window of opportunity to use the gasoline savings as a benefit shrinks. Finding ways to promote that without wasting people’s “social currency” is indeed a tricky challenge.

        Thanks for the feedback! The next one will be quite interesting too, stay tuned!

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  • David LyDavid Ly, 26 days ago

    The one UI change that made the most sense was pushing down the charge current and scheduled charging in the hierarchy. Great work!

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    • Dan B, 25 days ago

      Glad you liked it. Thanks David! Most people I interviewed never/barely used them. I feel like there should be a « normal user mode » and a « geek mode » for that dashboard.

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  • Andrew C, 27 days ago

    I'd bet they put the other charging locations prominently in the mobile app because some charging stations are full (which would be annoying).

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    • Dan B, 25 days ago

      Interesting! It was just odd to me considering that my car was plugged at that moment and Tesla clearly knew that

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      • Andrew C, 24 days ago

        Yeah it’s definitely an interesting idea to show other information if the state of the car is charging. Give users a temporary Netflix subscription so they can watch a show while it’s charging and have something to do (this is not a serious idea).

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        • Dan B, 24 days ago

          Might not be that crazy actually. What if… the Tesla Arcade games are specifically aimed at kids who need to be entertained during a charging period… plus they subconsciously build an emotional attachment for the Tesla brand by linking that fun “playful moment” to the logo on the steering wheel.

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  • Boris KozelevBoris Kozelev, 18 days ago

    Hi Dan,

    I really like your idea and how it’s presented. I can imagine there is some sort of self-marketing behind this as well ;) Anyway, really nice concept which shows that current Tesla user experience still has some room for improvement.

    I'm not owning a Tesla but I have some experience in creating UX for automotive industry. So here some comments from my side:

    I’m not familiar with Tesla touch-screen interaction model but I can imagine that hiding critical settings like „Advanced Options“ to scrollable panel is not a good idea, especially in automotive interface. It might be good for long lists like address book entries but it’s very unhandy for important options. Since we are in charging context all options associated with this process should be visible at one glance. And I believe there are plenty of use cases where people would like to have everything on one spot. Imagine, you want to schedule charging for the middle of the night when electricity is cheaper. Then you need to scroll down every time for this setup.

    If you think some technical terms are too confusing for average users then just make those options more explicit by wording or visually instead of hiding everything away from main screen. Otherwise people will just overlook it.

    advanced options screen

    It’s really great idea to emphasize value over cost. But to be honest I’m not sure that highlighting savings is so relevant for the majority of Tesla owners ;) I believe if you buy such luxurious car the last thing you think about is cost savings. There is no real need to try to promote this idea when you allready own this car.

    But rewarding your customers for charging from renewable energy sources could be a great idea!

    I might be wrong but Advanced Options layout looks very desolate to me. There is a huge gap on the right hand. I believe there are better ways to present this information ;)

    advanced options empty space

    The new "Savings" section looks really nice but I was not able to spot the menu button right away…You also made Stop Charging button less important by changing its style to outline. You should also take care of putting navigation buttons and critical actions in one line. Personally I think it could be a nice to have add-on for your mobile device. Or you can display this information while charging process. But I'm a bit sceptical if most people will take care of this information at all.

    The „fully charged“ confirmation is really nicely designed. Do you think it is something you would like to see just after getting into your car? I believe the next thing most people want to do is just drive. In this case this message acts as disruption without any crucial function. Why not just drop a message on your mobile phone that your car is fully charged? I can imagine most drivers don't wait inside the car until fully charged.

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