Freelancers: How important is Linkedin to your lead generation?

9 months ago from , Freelance Designer & front-end dev

Hi guys, the title pretty much says it all. The thing is I deleted my Linkedin some years ago, since I felt like I wasn't really getting anything out of it except one more thing to waste my time on without any return.

But recently I've been thinking about signing up again since I've heard some people talk about it being very important for their leads.

So how important is it to you guys? Do you get a lot of leads though it that you wouldn't have gotten if you were not on it?


  • Nitin GargNitin Garg, 8 months ago

    Freelancing for about 6 years now. Only messages I get on LinkedIn are from recruiters for full-time roles. Most of the leads still come from offline personal referrals and sometimes via dribbble and even from angel list once in a while.

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  • Jerry TJerry T, 8 months ago

    More of a personal brand thing. Probably doesn’t hurt to have one. But focus on referrals if possible!

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  • Luciano Vizza, 8 months ago

    When I was a freelancer, LinkedIn honestly wasn’t a huge help to me. Helping run an agency today, we don’t use LinkedIn either. Most of my work has always come from personal connections. I think the value of LinkedIn could be in notifying people in your network that you’re available and looking for work. However, a personal note, phone call, or coffee meeting is probably more effective. So if you are doing those sorts of things I doubt you’ll get any extra leads just because you are on LinkedIn.

    My recommendation for any freelancers I talk to is to go work out of a co-working or any other shared office space. It’s been an effective way for us to build our network, and we thankfully have never be desperate for work. You might already being doing that but I figured it mention it :)

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