Freelancer? Seeking Freelancer? (September 2019)

4 years ago from , Creator at Folyo

A post to help your company find an awesome freelance designer. Please lead with either SEEKING WORK or SEEKING FREELANCER, your location, and whether remote work is a possibility.

Folyo (https://www.folyo.me) offers the best freelance design jobs and RFPs in one place.


  • Ken Em, 4 years ago

    You know DN runs ads right? No need to spam.

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  • James Young, 4 years ago

    Are these jobs sourced through Folyo or are you scrapping positions off other sites?

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    • , 4 years ago

      There's a mixture of exclusive jobs (we're running a remote job fair in the next couple weeks). We also spend a couple hours daily hand-screening jobs from every site so customers have everything in one place.

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