30,000 icons in the worlds largest icon library - Streamline Icons 3.0

almost 4 years ago from , Designer & Developer

Streamline 3.0 offers over 10,500 icons in three different weights. 53 categories, 720 sub categories, and over 30,000 something in total.

The new Streamline 3.0 icon pack is the biggest icon collection with over 10,500 icons in three different weights. They come in 53 categories and 720 sub categories.

File types included:

  • .iconjar
  • .sketch
  • .fig
  • .svg
  • .ai
  • .pdf
  • .png

New Streamline Web Viewer:

For windows and linux users (people without IconJar) the guys from Streamline have added a webviewer: https://streamlineicons.com/#webviewer

New Streamline Web Viewer

New categories

New categories for things like artificial intelligence, drones, podcasts, mobile shopping, face ID have been added.

To get an overview of the icons and the features, check out their site: https://streamlineicons.com/


  • Nicolas PythonNicolas Python, almost 4 years ago

    Big Streamline lover here. Anything for everything. Amazing for huge projects.

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  • Sacha GreifSacha Greif, almost 4 years ago

    I've been using Streamline for most of my icon needs and I love it. Knowing that you'll be able to find an icon for almost anything is super valuable. There are lot of other icon sets that look nice, but it's really a pain when you miss that crucial additional icon and are basically stuck.

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