• Ashraf AliAshraf Ali, almost 2 years ago

    First, I'd like to say, excellent work pushing to production. It looks visually stunning and the use of type is tasteful. The mobile breakpoint also comes off beautiful.

    I'm not sure if I am convinced about the hierarchy of the content.

    It seems the purpose of the site is to serve as a soft marketing tool to recruit more designers to work with Intercom. I would reposition the "What we believe" and "How we work" buckets higher up, above the blog posts and case studies. For me, when discerning what company I work with, it's so important for me to see how serious the company is about design. I can understand that best through a good vision for design.

    Perhaps even a table of contents for the page so that I know what to expect immediately as soon as I jump in.

    Having a "Learn more about intercom" or creating a brief aside about Intercom and the type of product it is can also speak better to the challenges designers would face while working with the company.

    I noticed that the Learn More links go to Google Docs links, which are probably like internal wiki links. The page would find more value integrating that content directly, even it's a subpage. At the very least, the design process looks so well thought out, I wonder if that was considered for implementation.

    Finally, just for overall visual hierarchy, I'd recommend that some of the descriptions and subtext have a softer color, so that the most important text is readable on a quick scroll.

    I hope some of this feedback helps! Thanks again for a great product. If y'all had a remote position, I'd jump right in and apply :)

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  • Jonathon Colman, almost 2 years ago

    Hi there! I'm one of the people who worked on this site, along with Gustavs, who posted this link. We're excited to share out a lot of the tools and ideas that have helped us design and build Intercom over the past 8 years.

    Got any questions or comments? Let us know!

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  • Christopher Mansfield, almost 2 years ago

    A lovely balance providing a concise overview of who you are as a team and insightful for visitors who dive into the content. Found the how we work documents very interesting.

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