What would you like to know about design strategy at Basecamp? Interviewing Ryan Singer

1 year ago from , UX Lead

Hello everyone. I'm interviewing Ryan Singer (Head of Strategy at Basecamp) this week for the UX Backstage podcast. Do you have questions you've been meaning to ask about his latest book: Shape up? More details below.

"Ryan joined what was then known as 37signals as a web designer and was part of the team who designed and built Basecamp, transitioning 37signals from a design consultancy to a world renowned software as a service company. In the 12 years since then he has led the design and product management of Basecamp, Backpack, Campfire and Highrise, all class leading products used by millions around the world." - Crunchbase

Ryan is currently Head of Strategy at Basecamp and recently released his book Shape Up. I believe this would be his first interview about the book from a design focused perspective.

The podcast focuses on strategy so we'll be digging into the shaping track of the book. If you have any questions for Ryan, I'll do my best to get you answers! Leave them below.

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