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  • Joe Daddario, over 1 year ago

    Hello! Advanced Bootstrap Blocks is a WordPress plugin for building Bootstrap 4 layouts inside the WP editor ("Gutenberg".) You might find this useful if you are designing/prototyping/building websites with Bootstrap 4 and Wordpress, and want to create custom containers/rows/columns/buttons/cards/etc., inside the page/post editor.

    Your custom components can be saved as reusable blocks, and the latest stable release (v1.1.0) includes a "class name toggler" for more easily adding and removing Bootstrap class names to/from blocks.

    If you have 5 minutes to check this out and tear it apart, your thoughts, feelings, critical feedback are definitely appreciated.

    If there is some critical feature (or major bug) which needs attention please leave a note on the support page, or check out the code you if you want to make it your own:


    Thank you and happy hacking,


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