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    Last call. The registration will close by the end of tomorrow. Join now if you want to get personalized feedback from me and learn with other designers!

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  • Linton Ye, 8 months ago

    Hey DN!

    I'm thrilled to launch React+Framer Challenge V2! It's a one-month workshop starting next Monday August 12th. The registration is open right now until the end of 11th.

    If you missed Challenge V1, this is a great opportunity to catch up. By definition V2 is better than V1 -- more polished videos, better pace, better structure, a great timeframe that motivates you to learn more, and cool prizes. And you still have the chance to learn for free!

    Here's what Kevin, a V1 challenger, has to say:

    "I’ve seriously learned 10x more in the last 4 weeks than in the last 8 months trying to learn Framer on my own. " - Kevin Cannon, Product Designer at Pitch

    Are you up for the challenge? Join now!

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