My Bachelor Thesis: The public transport of tomorrow

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Hello DN,

I am proud that I am able to share my bachelor thesis with you: A user-centered app designed to encourage users to ride public transport more often.

The Bachelor thesis describes the process of conception and design of a user-centered application for public transport. From the definition of the product vision, to the conception and the final design, all steps of a modern design workflow are run through and described.

I gathered a lot of information on the topic public transport by doing expert interviews and hosting a workshop with different users.

You can visit my micro site which I created about my bachelor thesis with reading samples: https://yannicgraeser.de/bachelorthesis (in german language)

or visit my website: https://yannicgraeser.de/ (in german language)

Please leave me your feedback. Thanks for reading and have a nice week!


  • Alexis CreuzotAlexis Creuzot, over 3 years ago

    too bad all this is in German...

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    • Yannic Nachname, over 3 years ago

      Yes, indeed. As a designer I am currently working exclusively in the German-speaking area. Nevertheless, I see that it is important to make this information accessible to non-German-speaking people.

      Translating my complete bachelor thesis is very time-consuming. But I will try to make sure that I offer at least an English version of my website.

      Thank you very much for your understanding and your comment.

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  • Katharina H., over 3 years ago

    Very interesting topic. Though it seems like I misinterpreted your post. I thought you'd have the whole thesis available for download and not only a preview.

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    • Yannic Nachname, over 3 years ago

      If you are interested in this topic and would like to know more, please send me an e-mail. We can figure out a time when we can talk. Then I can walk you trough my whole bachelor thesis and give you all the information you need. My mail is: hello at yannicgraeser.de

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