• Kerrie LambKerrie Lamb, 12 days ago

    Nice, finally a paid competition and not just specs-work.

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  • Philippa LindseyPhilippa Lindsey, 12 days ago

    AnimationDesk is a nice app. Used it myself, now teaching my kids the basics of animations as well.

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  • Charles JonesCharles Jones, 12 days ago

    Looks cool! Shame I can't create animations using other tool than AnimationDesk though.

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  • Jane StoneJane Stone, 12 days ago

    Heh.. who is going to take his chances in this?

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  • Diego LafuenteDiego Lafuente, 12 days ago

    The scrolldown doesn't work on Firefox. I hate so much when devs hijack the scroll.

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    • Afra Chen, 11 days ago

      hello, my name is Afra, staff of iAniMagic competition. Thanks for reporting this problem. The website moves horizontally, you can move around by scrolling the mouse or swiping vertically on a touchpad. We also tested the website on Firefox (Win 7 desktop), the website worked OK here. Can you tell us which OS you are using if the problem remains? Thanks a bunch.

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