Remote whiteboarding tool suggestions?

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Hi all! I'm wondering if/how any remote teams have replaced physical whiteboarding.

At my previous job, I was working out of an office with no remote colleagues, so we were able to quickly book a conference room and brainstorm ideas, processes, moodboards. After joining a completely distributed team, I miss the experience of exploring problems, flows, IA as a collaborative exercise.

Anyone else have the same issues or have found a workaround to this? Thanks!


  • Nick Dominguez, 4 years ago


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    • , 4 years ago

      Definitely going to try this out, as a few contacts and other designers have mentioned this!

      Especially interested in their video call + whiteboarding feature. Out of curiosity, what are the different use cases if/have you used this for?

      A lot of my workflow at the moment has been screensharing across Hangouts/Zoom and driving the software on my computer while getting audio input from others on the call. If/when someone has an idea or visual input, it's usually stopping to let them screen share while they hobble up their sketch/idea.

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      • Nick Dominguez, 4 years ago

        I haven't used all the features available in Miro yet. I've mostly used it for reviewing work across the team. Leaving comments and notes on directions, revisions, etc. Also this can all be asynchronous or real time which is really nice.

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