• Arthur Klepchukov, 4 years ago

    I'm very curious if version control will be flexible enough to replace Abstract. The amount of merge conflicts, lost changes, and general usability headache makes me rarely trust Abstract. I hope a native Sketch solution can do much better even if it does much less.

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    • Andrew C, 4 years ago

      Sketch has the benefit of being the true source file. The same with their prototyping — starting from one workflow here (your artboard) is exceptional. If they'd just build out some key features for prototyping my entire team would wipe InVision off of our budgets.

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    • Matthew O'ConnorMatthew O'Connor, 4 years ago

      We have massive issues with Abstract and our shared library, as it keeps reverting the symbols to their default state!?

      So hoping the better integration Sketch's own solution will bring will fix that.

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      • Jonathan ShariatJonathan Shariat, 4 years ago

        Same tried implementing it on projects twice and it just didn't solve our problems without causing a lot more work.

        Thats why I think Figma is heading int he right direction. No need for abstract and has versioning built in.

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  • Serdar SSerdar S, 4 years ago

    Have to "refresh" data?

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  • Albert David, 4 years ago

    Wow! This looks cool.

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  • Arthur Simon, 4 years ago

    So can I avail Sketch for Teams as an individual contributor instead of the yearly license so that I can finally work with Sketch on my different Mac machines?

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  • Rhys MerrittRhys Merritt, 4 years ago

    Something I can't seem to see any clear answer on is whether or not there will be actual files on my hard drive with Sketch Teams.

    One of the things I love about using Figma is that there are no files floating around requiring organisation on my hard drive - I absolutely love that I simply open the Figma app, and it's all there for me! If Sketch teams is the same, then I'll possibly be willing to switch back to Sketch to try out Teams.

    EDIT: One other small thing that I LOVE in Figma is the ⌥+L shortcut to collapse all folders / groups - I'd want that from Sketch as well.

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    • Matthew O'ConnorMatthew O'Connor, 4 years ago

      I believe I read somewhere that it will be saved to the cloud, but you have another save action (and I guess shortcut) to save locally.

      You can collapse all groups, but it's hidden in View > Layer list > Collapse all groups. You can either make a custom shortcut for this action, or what I do is use Runner and start typing Collapse until I see the action.

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  • Zhaoli Jin, 4 years ago

    I've turned to Figma already but it's really good to know that Sketch will have realtime collaboration feature in this year. Sketch will also provide API for 3rd-party apps like Figma API. I wonder how Figma will react to Sketch's change

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  • James Young, 4 years ago

    is this 99 in addition to the 99 for the desktop version?

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    • Adam Fisher-CoxAdam Fisher-Cox, 4 years ago

      No, it says that lower down on the page.

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      • Darren Krape, 4 years ago


        Will I need a Sketch License to use Sketch for Teams? If you join Sketch for Teams as a contributor, you’ll get access to the Mac app (along with regular updates) as part of your team’s subscription. In other words, no more license keys!

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  • Jason FestaJason Festa, 4 years ago


    Not sure this digs into Figma as much as it eats Abstract. I wonder when/if they will break the ability to version outside of Sketch Teams.

    Also... "cloud inspect" is probably going to eat any handoff solution.

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