Show DN: An easy way to create a Designer News avatar

almost 7 years ago from , Interaction Designer

I hacked together a super simple web page that helps you convert an image to a Designer News avatar. Thought about keeping it to my self but it's more fun to share:


It won’t create pixel perfect results for you, but it’s a quick way to convert home made designs to profile pictures. Try to limit yourself to a small black&white canvas while designing and the results will be pretty decent.

Be careful not to press ‘Update profile’ if you’re not happy with the results.

Cheers, Simon

P.S.: I do understand that the ‘old school’ way of pixel painting is part of the fun of DN avatars. This is just a side project that I wanted to share with you. If you guys feel this ruins the process, I’ll be happy to take it offline.

P.S. I've only tested Chrome and Safari. Mobile devices won't really work because there's some Developer Tools stuff you'll need to do.