A virtual office for remote teams

3 months ago from , Design and Frontend

Hi DN community! I've been here a long long time, but I' ve never shared any of the projects I've designed. Super stoked to share about Tandem, a virtual office for remote teams.

The story started when my first child was born (now 1 year old) I started working more from home. By then I had been working with my 2 other co-founders on some crypto projects. We noticed the slow down when working remotely. We started hacking with Discord (creating voice rooms), and always-on hangout calls, but everything felt awkward or full of friction.

We built a one-click calling prototype, added video and screenshare, and this eventually became Tandem.

Some details on how instant calls work: - You can click on someone and talk immediately, but they will be on mute until they accept. - All calls start as voice, but can be upgraded to video and screenshare. - Customizable rooms are a nice way to invite teammates to talk when they're free.

We'd love to hear your feedback for all the remote designer in here :)

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We're live on Product Hunt!