• Steven Kenneth, 5 days ago

    Good job listings. In depth filtering options will be helpful!

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  • Ryan W, 6 days ago

    It needs more filtering.

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    • João Alfaiate, 6 days ago

      Hi Ryan! What queries would you like to do?

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      • Arvid Bayev, 5 days ago

        I'm not Ryan, but I too would like to see some filtering. The first thing that comes to mind is location.

        And maybe there could be some sort of way to filter the seniority of the job? Principal Designer vs Head of Design, for example. Or the type of business or company.

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        • João Alfaiate, 5 days ago

          Hi Arvid! You can filter by location using the search field. Does it work for you? Filtering by seniority, or management vs individual contributer is an interesting idea.

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