Feedback on my portfolio: Am I an Art Director or Photographer?

11 months ago from , Interactive Designer at Supersteil

Hi! I'm Gyor and I'm a Digital Designer and Art Director from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Within my brand I find it very important to create a change with my designs and this new website is a huge step in that direction. With Digital Design and Strategy as my main focus, the bigger goal is always to stimulate Inclusivity, Diversity and Equality in all things and do this together with beautiful and progressive brands.

However..... Ever since the launch I have been getting messages/emails about people asking if I'm a photographer/if I can shoot for them. This is obviously not a huge deal because I do have amazing photographers in my network but to me it is quite obvious that I am, in fact, an art director.

How are you guys experiencing that?

Any comments, feedback etc is very welcome <3