• D. M., 13 days ago

    What makes the current Apple TV screensavers so great is that they're beautifully simple and are effectively a "time-out" from media and sensory information. This looks like the exact opposite of that.

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    • Rusty Mitchell, 13 days ago

      Agreed that the current screensavers are great. I think there is a place for more informational/functional options as well though. These app based screensaver options would be offered in addition to existing screensavers and the user would be in control of which they chose to view.

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    • Ruban KhalidRuban Khalid, 12 days ago

      Makes me anxious thinking if this approach was successful companies would use it as another way to advertise crap.

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      • Rusty Mitchell, 12 days ago

        They could for sure. Apple could set guidelines around how this feature could be used, but the best part about it is that it's optional. The user would have to choose to to enable a particular application to have screensaver access. If an app is abusive or does something they don't like, it would be easy to switch to a different screensaver and move on.

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  • Aaron Wears Many HatsAaron Wears Many Hats, 12 days ago

    These are not screensavers, there is persistent content on the screen which will result in burn-in on some screens.

    These could be considered timeout screens or similar, but screensavers they are not.

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    • Rusty Mitchell, 12 days ago

      Thanks for the note! We've had a few other comments with concerns about burn-in and have updated the post to address that concern.

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      • Aaron Wears Many HatsAaron Wears Many Hats, 11 days ago

        Thanks for that. It's interesting however, I've worked a lot with commercial flat screens in digital POS among other things, and you do still see burn-in occurring on screens that arguably shouldn't burn-in. Even one of the 27" imac retinas in the office is showing ghosting (even though it's a slightly different mechanism that causes it).

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  • Marco De la CruzMarco De la Cruz, 12 days ago

    I think is not a bad idea, honestly, is a way to push for more content and usage from and for users. Reminds me of how Netflix has its own shows as moving wallpapers, however, not as high quality or done as cool as these.

    The interesting thing is that these can be seen and consumed as an infinite advertising carousel. I would be interested to see how long an user would switch out of these though, considering that the moving soothing apple wallpapers are design to disconnect and prevent static app screen or screen burning.

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  • Matt Lewis, 11 days ago

    I fall asleep to podcasts and just want a black screensaver with a small clock in the corner and maybe some details about what's currently playing. I really hope they open up development for third-party screensavers.

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