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  • Maurice Cherry, 11 months ago

    Fruitvale Station. Miles Ahead. Creed. Moonlight. If you've seen any of these films over the past few years, then you're familiar with the work of Hannah Beachler. You may also know her for her Afrofuturist design direction on Black Panther, becoming not just the first Black person to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Production Design, but also being the first one to win it as well. She's even worked with Beyoncé on Lemonade, as well as the On The Run II tour with Beyoncé and Jay Z! In short, Hannah Beachler is definitely #goals when it comes to Black design.

    While we did discuss Hannah's career highlights, we also talked about her life growing up in Ohio, her early work in production design, and how she first met Ryan Coogler. Hannah also shared how she prepares for working on films, what life is like after winning an Oscar, and how she stays inspired. Hannah is definitely proof that if you do your best, it is definitely good enough!

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