How do you guys find design jobs?

12 months ago from , creator of EpicPxls.com

I've been trying for the past 1-2 months to get some jobs for our agency. We have a designer that has been doing work for our website https://www.epicpxls.com/ . We also shared the work on our dribbble profile: https://www.dribbble.com/epiccoders

The items we make are quite popular but each time i try and apply to any job i very rarely get a reply if any. It's not something that happened to me before.

I noticed that all the job boards right now feature big companies that only want freelance designers. I'm good with that but i was wondering if there is any place where agencies can find some good jobs too?!?

Is the jobs market changing? Are we that bad?


  • Jerry TJerry T, 11 months ago

    It's probably a very debated topic, but one great way to shortcut the career ladder is to share what you know as much as you want and make it useful for the (design?) community. Could be a blog, a newsletter, a case study here and there. Many people are intimidated by this, but it's truly one of the best ways to not only hone your skills, but also build a community of people to move your career forward more quickly. Hope that helps!

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    • Razvan from EpicCoders, 11 months ago

      I find that the hardest. I guess i'm not as much of a marketer as i should be. I have like short pushes where i promote the work we make and then 2 months pass and nothing gets shared because it's not perfect.

      Thanks a lot for the help @Jerry.

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      • Jerry TJerry T, 9 months ago

        That's super tough. The best is often to have a forcing function on the release dates. If it's every 7 days, have a countdown timer and don't deviate no matter what. Scope, Cost, Time: Pick two ;-).

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