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  • Maurice Cherry, 6 months ago

    Kim Williams isn't just a design director but a thoughtful and sincere leader. She takes her responsibility and mission at indeed.com very seriously and graciously leads a team of over 100 people while trying to create a well designed and meaningful product that will truly change peoples lives. In this episode, we discussed everything from her history in the design sphere, navigating agency work vs. companies like eBay, and her personal journey as a campaigner for global societal issues.

    As a native of Jamaica, Kim and her family moved to America in the ’80s, and she heavily contributes her career success to her humble beginning as a newcomer. Her experiences as an immigrant allow her to look at life from multiple perspectives, leading the conversation back to empathy and embracing our differences. This conversation was poignant and I truly hope you find her story as inspiring as I did.

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