Have you ever created a digital product?

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‘Digital product’: mockup, icon pack, plugin, typeface, template, theme, course or similar.... This doesn’t include client work — the work you’ve been paid to do.

I’m currently in the process of making one, and I can just say that it takes much loooonger that you would expect. Except for making the product, there’s like million other things that can’t be seen unless you’re in the process.

What’s your experience?

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  • J H, 3 months ago

    Broad question, but yes. Once you've made something you tend to be more forgiving to the products and services around you. While you still see the design flaws, you have to respect that at least these things made all the way from someones mind it into reality.

    One of the things I'm working on is an idea growing app. Started back in 2013, and more recently I was able to partner with the company I work for to try to make it a commercial viable app, with cloud features. You can read about it here:


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