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  • Maurice Cherry, 6 months ago

    Dave Hall has his finger on the pulse of all things television and entertainment. His unique perspective as the VP of OWN’s digital design group allows him to watch trends unfold and evolve across different platforms. As a veteran in the design sphere, he understands the nuances in the market and the desire to push boundaries. As the industry changes, he leads his team into the future by adapting to new tools and tech, like the switch from Photoshop to Sketch.

    Our conversation about the future of interactive television, user-controlled content, emerging technologies, and the future of media show his passion for complex narratives and smart storytelling. He himself is a published author and is currently working on an exciting new graphic novel. He also tells us about his love for Jordan Peele and the 3-dimensional Black characters he is introducing to audiences, who are hungry for representation and diversity. If the future is anything like Dave Hall’s leadership and enthusiastic attitude then we are all in for a treat!

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