• Joe VillanuevaJoe Villanueva, almost 7 years ago

    The page is great. The actual product - amazing.

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  • Daniel EdenDaniel Eden, almost 7 years ago

    The entire marketing page is slow, drawn out, and frustrating. Slow (and often pointless) animations, videos demonstrating very little actual use of the app (which would've been nicer to see than jerkily-animated cards flying around the screen), and ~1s waits to see content after clicking.

    3/10 Would not staple.

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  • ポール ウェッブポール ウェッブ, almost 7 years ago

    The cards section is how I wish computers showed the desktop on boot. Very pretty.

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  • Alex MontagueAlex Montague, almost 7 years ago

    Crazy to me they'd spend so much time making a site like this, yet neglect something as obvious as updating the iOS icon for the app they're promoting to fit the iOS shape.

    Google, get your priorities in order.

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  • Christoph OChristoph O, almost 7 years ago

    I think the cards could use some slight adjustment in their visual hierarchy. The images are drawing all the focus because they are so strong in comparison to the card titles. Making the titles darker and/or slightly bolder should help, so each card can be identified quicker when scanning.

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  • Account deleted almost 7 years ago

    A tangent, but I find it funny that both Google (the Team Scores section on this site) and Microsoft (their Get it Done Day infographic: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/news/press/2013/nov13/11-06getitdone.aspx#infog) advocate not paying attention to your son’s soccer game and instead should fuck around with your phone.

    As for the site, good stuff. The animations are a bit jerky and superfluous on the How to get it section though.

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