• Gavin AnthonyGavin Anthony, 12 months ago

    i'm too skeptical to buy a macbook pro anymore. yeah 8 cores is cool but it's way too much money to invest in a computer with the current issues surrounding it.

    until apple does something to really address the keyboard issue / improve build quality, i can't see myself upgrading. probably won't be for another couple years.

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    • Andrew Ciobanasiu, 12 months ago

      I'm simultaneously happy I wait for for the spec bump but also hesitant for the keyboard issues as well.

      Nevermind the overheating issues. It's not as easy a buy as before.

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    • Linton Ye, 12 months ago

      yup, the keyboard really sucks... Funny enough, I had to use a software solution to mitigate it since I can't afford to live without MBP for a few days for repairs...

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  • John PJohn P, 12 months ago

    The idea that anyone could speak positively about Apples current Mac lineup is hilarious to me.

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  • Aaron Wears Many HatsAaron Wears Many Hats, 12 months ago




    And thats just for the base model 15 in Aus. When you want 32gig of ram, 1tb hdd, and the 5ghz chip they're advertising, it's A$6,259.00. And that's not even all the options ticked.

    fuck that

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    • Jerry TJerry T, 12 months ago

      The price to pay to look cool. (But yeah... I’ll keep my 2013 MBP)

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  • Stefano TirloniStefano Tirloni, 12 months ago

    Wow, now i can use Slack and Chrome (with 50+ tabs open) at the same time!

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  • Chris Rosenau, 12 months ago

    Check out David Lee's review. Overheating. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYsNQF20b5I

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