World’s Greatest Internship is back for Edition 2 ✨

1 year ago from , Global Brand Director, Butchershop

A paid six-month journey around the world at top global agencies—airfare and lodging covered.

Last year was so successful that we've decided to do it again. This time with more creative companies and more interns—which means more opportunities for more people.

• We’re offering more positions on the world tour. We’ll have multiple tracks at different agencies running simultaneously. There will be multiple pairs of interns charting the globe on different paths at the same time. No pair will go to the same company.

• Instead of one month at each company, each pair of interns will spend two months at each location.

• Each track will have three participating agencies.

• This means: six months, three agencies, two interns per track.

Please share this with someone you think would be interested in the opportunity. You could greatly alter and impact their future.