• Aaron Wears Many HatsAaron Wears Many Hats, 27 days ago

    I think the rollover colour change on your intro h2 tags is a bit unnecessary, as it had me wondering if they should be hyperlinking to portfolio stuff. I'd also add some 'about me' text content, in case someone viewing it is unable to run your video for any reason.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of using the portfolio to just aggregate medium articles - it's probably better to create some bespoke pages within your own site to host that content, it is your portfolio after all.

    The look, feel, and general user experience is pretty smooth however! Nice work.

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    • , 26 days ago

      Hi Aaron, thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it! :) I agree with you, it would be better if we could stay on the website instead of going to Medium. For now, I focused on the experience of the website but my next focus is definitely going to be adding content. :)

      Have a great day! Cheers. :)

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    • Alex Hazel, 26 days ago

      I second the rollover effect on the h2 tags. It was confusing and made me think they were hyperlinks... (which they are not)

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  • Bugsy SailorBugsy Sailor, 26 days ago

    I'm not a fan of the use of photography. The photos don't seem to add any context to the type of work that you do. I don't see how they're connected to Designer, Engineer, Storywriter. I'd love to see some code immediately, or some design examples, screenshots, or more words as a storywriter.

    Would also prefer that it's not living at a Heroku subdomain.

    As a storywriter, I wanted to read a story, about you, not see photos that don't have context. I brushed over it initially because I don't like when I'm forced into video content, which means I need to pause my music or turn up my volume or put headphones in.

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    • , 26 days ago

      Hi Bugsy! Thank you for the feedback! 100% agree with you! Now my focus should really be the content and make sure to illustrate « Designer, Engineer, and Storywriter ». Will try to come up with something! :) Have a great day!

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  • Roman Pohorecki, 26 days ago

    Good design content in the Medium articles :) Here are my pain points:

    • The opening photo of a sculpture makes your site initially look like a travel blog
    • "Scroll for more love" is a bizarre phrases to use. Are you loving the user somehow with your presentation? Same for "Send some love." Are you looking for emails with <3 <3 <3?
    • A Black PDF is difficult to read, especially if it's printed by an interviewer.
    • The generic photos of the case studies could be more relevant.
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  • Joseph BarrientosJoseph Barrientos, 26 days ago

    I've having trouble reading titles both in the header and throughout the page. The text being slight grey, resting on white/grey imagery makes it a little difficult to read, especially in the "spending most of my free time..."

    Layout and order seem nice and well spaced. As mentioned before as well, some generic feeling images but otherwise solid man

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  • Erik Fanki, 26 days ago

    I agree to what's been said.

    I think your concept work on Medium has more edge than what your portfolio shows. The whole super rounded thing.. A matter of taste of course, but I think it's a bit to childish - both the rounded font and the content boxes. Switch to a serif, or a more neutral sans-serif.

    Now, the imagery feels too generic - could be anything. You done some great stuff when I look into your articles.. Add animated GIF:s that show golden nuggets (actuall UI) from those ideas instead.

    Hope this helps!

    Edit: Your resume should be an actual page, I dislike the jump to a PDF.


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    • , 26 days ago

      Hi Erik! Thank you for the feedback! :) I agree with you, the images need to be changed, it’s not working that well. I didn’t have time to do that yet, but I will try during the week. :) Cheers!

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    • , 26 days ago

      And also for the Resume, I will change it to an image and put a download link (which will download the pdf file). Thanks for the idea! :)

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      • Benjamin Berger, 26 days ago

        About the resume, you should make a white version, think about the HRs that might need to print it :)

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  • George Brown, 25 days ago

    u should also put some actual work. it feels like you're a blog author instead of a designer.

    and u should definitely ditch that black resume. cv's are meant to be printed. no one's gonna print that.

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    • Kevin Eugene, 25 days ago

      Hi George! Thank you for the feedback!

      I’m currently redesigning my CV, it should be available during the week hopefully. :)

      For the actual work part, I agree with you. The issue that I have is that I am under NDA, so I can’t explicitly show the things I have been doing. Any tips on how to get around that? Do you think if I change the name and branding elements, it will be enough? Thanks! :)

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      • George Brown, 18 days ago

        I was also changing the logos back then but that also infringes nda agreement as well. If you didn't worked for CIA or Pentagon, there's nothing wrong to put online and password protect them. When it's password protected technically it's not 'shared', viewed. Yeah I know, that's pretty vague for me too but I never had a problem. After all the content should focus on your role on product and your achievements in there, not company secrets.

        oh, people leak billion dollar worth documents intentionally to harm companies and can slip around that. Our png files won't hurt anyone.

        also, don't go pitch black on your cv man. hard to read, not accessibility friendly, bad for environment, and there's a chance that every-time you print that CV it's be all wobbly because of too much ink. That pitch black cv is sagmeister level. for 'art'

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        • Kevin Eugene, 18 days ago

          Hey George! Thank you for your insight! I changed a lot of things since last time, including the resume. It’s not black anymore. ;)

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