Ask DN: Platform for dealing with multiple design requests

almost 2 years ago from , Digital Designer @ BBC

Hi DN,

Just a question on how you peeps deal with multiple design requests.

Currently, we've everything flooding through email and you know what that's like, lost emails, missing attachments, etc.

Just wanted to know if there is a system out there that you're able to submit your request through and we (the designers/developers) are able to them allocate that particular task to, track it and so on.

I've used ticket systems in the past such as Fresh Desk, but wanted to ask you guys what your favorites are!

Thanks in advance.


  • Brian MoonBrian Moon, over 1 year ago

    Use Jira integration! If you create a gmail account with the address "feedback@design.com" and you have Jira integrated, every email that gets sent to this address is automatically populated on your Jira board including the attachment.

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