There's so much hype around Design Systems. What's happened to your UX documentation?

over 4 years ago from , UX/UI Lead

Hi DN friends,

There's been so much focus around establishing and documenting a great design system within our team that we've neglected our UX documentation - particularly wireframes and annotations. We currently using Axure's team projects and unfortunately the team don't enjoy using the tool because it's slow and clunky.

What tools are you using for your wireframes and annotations? Have you managed to find a way to interlink wireframes, annotations and visual design up? And more importantly, are you still even annotating?

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  • Brian MoonBrian Moon, over 4 years ago

    We've been utilizing Sketch libraries to create wireframe components and flow diagrams. These documents are created within a large artboard as we pull in other artboard symbols of the actual screen designs and link them together. We annotate directly onto the large artboard when we need to clarify the transition or interactions happening. https://useflowkit.com/ We use this library to link screens together and its been super useful.

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