Is anyone on Daisie?

over 1 year ago from , Designer @ Unsplash

I tried to gain access to the beta app of Daisie last year but only received the email yesterday announcing it was launching officially. I think the main draw was the collaboration aspect between creatives which I do like.

They've shared their rebranding process on Daisie which I can see myself using in a similar way. https://www.daisie.com/projects/Daisie-x-Koto-Rebrand-7CMfSeCemFJDVpCEE3SDwW.

I'm curious to see how this will all evolve. If this could replace a need for are.na, ello, behance, and a tumblr, then I'm all for it.

Will report back once I start using it more. Let me know if you're on it, and how you're using it!