Thoughts on transitioning to a UX manager?

7 months ago from , UX @ Lucid + uxtools.co guy

Hi everyone, I recently made the switch from UX designer to UX manager (about two years ago) and I'm curious to know the community's thoughts about this transition.

  1. Which track interests you more: individual contributor, or manager?
  2. If you're a manager, or close to it, what have been the biggest changes for you?
  3. If you're a manager, what advice do you have for other designers who might hope to become a manager? If you're a designer, what questions do you have from UX managers?

The biggest changes I have seen are with hiring, team building, performance reviews, and other HR stuff. I still get to participate in design from a strategic/coordinating perspective, and sometimes I take on special projects, but I spend a lot less time actually creating UI. When doing research, I'm usually participating in someone else's research project. It's an interesting shift where you're almost designing vicariously through other designers.