Thought Train 2, an app for replacing your sticky notes. And a special DN thank you note from me!

6 months ago from , Thought Train

Hey Ya'll,

A few months ago I posted a preview of my note taking app Thought Train, and asked ya'll what you thought would be features you'd like to see in the app.

I took some of the suggestions to heart and either added them to the app, or my upcoming list in Github :)

I'm proud to say that the app is now live and ready to be used for Windows and Mac

Try Thought Train for free

Thanks so much to those who took their time to let me know how ya'll keep notes, I can't wait to make the app better as we go along!


  • Rob Hope, 6 months ago

    Looks great! Quite an upgrade since the v1.

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  • Alex HoffmanAlex Hoffman, 6 months ago

    Lovely, looking forward to giving it a try.

    Just a minor suggestion on the website: The hero screenshot is a whopping 2.1 MB, check out https://imageoptim.com/mac

    Couple suggestions on the app: I would love a CMD+Z undo for typing, there's a really strange flow you can get into that caused me a little confusion.

    If you go to "Done" and you don't have any, there's no empty state and just a field to add a new note. When you add it, you return to "Done" and see the note I just added. Return to active, and there's my note I just added. Go back to "Done" and the note isn't there.

    Done -> New Note -> Active Notes (I think this is the right flow you want)

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    • , 6 months ago

      You're right about that image, that's ridiculous, must have gotten ahead of me while building and launching!

      And yes, thanks for the flow correction, that's definitely how it 'should' work.

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      • Alex HoffmanAlex Hoffman, 6 months ago

        Sure thing! I really dig this tho, love how fast I can enter a note without breaking my flow

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  • Jimmy Yoon, 6 months ago

    Just noticed that the price callout at the bottom of the page has a comma instead of a period between 2 and 99 (reads as $2,99). Just wondering if that's intentional or not

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