Questions about Custom Email Newsletter design then Upload to MailChimp?

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Hi Guys,

So just met some problem need you guys professionals help, hopefully, this is the right place.

A Client needs their brand newsletter design, they use MailChimp, but they don't want to use MailChimp's templates, they want their brand totally unique and tailored, so they want a custom newsletter, and then upload to the MailChimp.

Since I'm a designer only, not developer, so I do design part, and then they have a developer to code my design.

So my questions are: 1.what's the best size for custom design email which will upload on MailChimp? I noticed that the MailChimp templates max width is 600px right? Then if the custom design page size should have the same width as their templates width?

  1. any other thing/tip should notice when design email newsletter in software(clients prefer using Photoshop)?

  2. clients also want to add an animated gif in their email newsletter, if so how should I do? I mean, first to create the animated gif, then separately upload on MailChimp? Or other methods?

Thank you so much, as a newbie in email newsletter design hopefully can get some help if possible. and please forgive my stupid questions lol

Thanks in advance.

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  • Brandon Carson, over 2 years ago

    1) I usually try to stay around 600 or 620px max for width

    2) I usually put all the assets (index.html and images) in a folder, zip it and upload to mailchimp in the "Code Your Own" section. There's an "Import via URL" tool as well but I get mixed results with that one.

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