• Ricardo AliagaRicardo Aliaga, 11 months ago

    We’ve also observed people (and ourselves) getting annoyed when inserting emoji stretches the line height and destroys the rhythm of text. Now, if you sprinkle your text with emoji, we’ll no longer expand the line box.


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  • Ktrn DsrsKtrn Dsrs, 11 months ago

    Such a great update that I gladly welcome with my arms wide open!

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  • Ryan MackRyan Mack, 11 months ago

    Finally. Go team Figma!

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  • Zsolt Istvan, 11 months ago

    Wow, this is probably one of the most amazing thing happened to a design tool and it shows how much thought went into this!

    A M A Z I N G

    This makes me want to play with Figma more and more

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  • Julian Baker, 11 months ago

    I really hope the sketch team take some cues from this. Very neat.

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