What do you do to keep your creative juice flowing after working on mundane work?

5 months ago from , National Institute of Design

We all work 9to5 or freelance or something else; for long working hours, same project, sometime mundane work, right? Then how you keep your self creative? I personally make small side project on weekend and learn something to keep my creative juices flowing. *What do you do? *


  • Shane McCleeryShane McCleery, 5 months ago

    Make tobacco pipes in my shop.

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  • Ryan MackRyan Mack, 5 months ago

    Woodworking is a whole new world of craft and analysis. Highly recommend. 10/10

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    • Calum Clark, 5 months ago

      Odd that there's so much woodworking in this thread already, but a few years ago I took up spoon carving and it's a very pleasant counterpart to being on a keyboard all day.

      I think in general I'd recommend finding a creative hobby that's more tactile, physical, etc. Something that doesn't involve looking at a screen. Maybe that's carving, maybe that's sewing, doesn't really matter as long as you're using your hands to create a physical object.

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  • John Williams, 5 months ago

    I recently discovered playing music is a nice alternative to design. It's just as complex and creative as ux/visual design.

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  • James Young, 5 months ago

    I sit in 12-15 meetings a day, I can't wait to get back to being creative.

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    • Mike StevensonMike Stevenson, 5 months ago

      When Im in meetings I have such a hard time going BACK to being creative. Especially if I was in the zone beforehand.

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  • Svanhild EggeSvanhild Egge, 5 months ago

    I've recently started knitting as a type of creative output outside of the digital world on the screen. It's been surprisingly fun and enjoyable!

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  • Andy McErleanAndy McErlean, 5 months ago

    A couple years ago I started a band that I'm sort of the CEO of. From writing the music, to marketing, to designing the site, I've used it as my main creative outlet. It's hands down the thing I've been most passionate about.

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  • Scott ThomasScott Thomas, 5 months ago

    Endless side projects. I mainly garden, bake, follow baseball, or price out /plan trips. Sometimes I pick up very simple freelance work that I can be creative without needing too much energy.

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  • Rishi Luchun, 5 months ago

    I do illustrations/doodles and mandalas to break the norm and keep my sanity

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  • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, 5 months ago

    I work on my music.

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  • Nathan Bowser, 5 months ago

    Lots of walking meetings. When you need creativity, you've got to encounter the world and have reactions to it.

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  • Jesse PenicoJesse Penico, 5 months ago

    Photography + using said photography in side design projects, such as album art and posters

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  • Waldy Przybyslawski, 5 months ago

    Cooking. I have some favorite recipes that I 'iterate' on frequently. Also going outside and just being in nature. I work in the city and live in the city so seeing more trees and less concrete for a day usually does the trick.

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  • Clare Haynes, 5 months ago

    Multiple home projects, mostly offline - I try to make things with my hands which is a welcomed break from the keyboard. Projects include; painting, drawing, sewing, diy, gardening and most recently I started converting a van into a camper.

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  • Lucas DebelderLucas Debelder, 5 months ago

    I (try) to work on my own car. It's very satisfying after you finally manage to fix that one thing, also it saves a shit ton of $$ if you learn to do it yourself!

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