• Jonah Grindler, 9 days ago

    Excited to share Rollie with you all for the first time today.

    Let’s be honest, most bank apps suck. Rollie helps make at least one of those banking experiences a little more easy and approachable – keeping track of where your money is going.

    Rollie is a side project I put together over the past few months, working with some developers here in Victoria, Canada. If you have any questions, happy to share any answers.

    Rollie is also on Product Hunt today: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/rollie

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  • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, 5 days ago

    I love this. It's mind-blowing to me that I haven't been able to find an automatic spend tracking tool that has rolling 1-day, 7-day, month summaries, and I've been looking for one better than Mint for years.

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  • Rafael FernandesRafael Fernandes, 6 days ago

    This app is currently not available in your country or region.

    Plans for launching in non-US stores?

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    • Jonah Grindler, 6 days ago

      Currently Rollie is only available in US and Canada, though we do have plans to support more regions in the long-term, with EU likely coming next.

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  • Kami KarrasKami Karras, 10 hours ago

    I am a huge fan of the animated illustrations on this page! Usually, apps like this are really intimidating because I just see about of monetary values and just get nervous. But those doodle-like illustrations really invite me into the space. So great.

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  • Jesse C.Jesse C., 2 days ago

    +1 for Europe.

    It should be relatively easy (I say that loosely) at least for the UK. You already have a competitor with https://www.yolt.com/ and you can find out about the open banking thing they use to have a super easy sign-up process to connect to your existing banks that support it.

    Loving the landing page style!

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  • Julian Moosbrugger, 8 days ago

    Looks good and sounds like exactly what I'm looking for right now. Really looking forward to downloading it in the EU.

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  • Mauricio Paim, 8 days ago

    Gotta love that Landing Page.

    Anyways guys, I see a lot of fintechs and investing apps coming out in North America but can't find similar apps or solutions in EU.

    I am assuming that the issue is either: People are not willing to use investing and banking connected apps or There is a gap in the EU apps market to be filled.

    I mean, there is no Easy Invest/Begginers apps that I know. And there are a lack of solutions that connect to your bank(s) to give you a more dashboard overview of your spending/finances.

    Maybe I am just thinking too much about this and being too superficial, however, this is the impression I have when I look at producthunt or designernews new apps.

    Just sharing this thought :)

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    • Bart S, 8 days ago

      As far as I know there's barely any banks in Europe that have public API's that give this data or are willing to work together with external companies. I think there's some in Germany and I believe in France aswel, but in general a lot of banks over here are really hesitant.

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      • Mauricio Paim, 6 days ago

        Didn't know that, good to know. I do use Transferwise(UK) and N26(DE) that does feel a lot more flexible and modern.

        However looking at producthunt today, I found this: https://bankin.com/en/home.html

        Which is already interesting. :)

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      • Jesse C.Jesse C., 2 days ago

        I'm not sure about the rest of Europe, but the UK is doing pretty well in that area—there's a whole new open banking initiative that the big banks (like Lloyds) are in on.

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        • Mauricio Paim, 19 hours ago

          Can you tell me which one you use and why? Just for curiosity reasons. Myself use Transferwise for transfering money from Brazil to Belgium and across europe. I have N26, but don't use anymore as often

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          • Jesse C.Jesse C., 27 minutes ago

            I have accounts/cards with TransferWise, N26, Monzo, Starling, and Revolut. I just like betas.

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      • Mike A.Mike A., 1 hour ago

        What? EU is far more than US in this. There's even a EU-wide directive for this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Payment_Services_Directive - tl;dr: European banks are required to open their APIs and provide their clients access to their data so you'll be able to use any open-baking app out there...

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        • Bart S, 1 hour ago

          PSD2 is far from what everyone seems to think it is. As of yet. Maybe it will make sure spending trackers and open banking apps will be more useful in the future though. I can't name a single app that allows me to connect to my bank similar to Rollie (in The Netherlands) and I work in fintech. The only bank that differs from this is Bunq but afaik even they don't have a API that's able to fetch all your spendings from your account. Some banks have their own stuff such as 'Grip' which is backed by ABN Amro but that's not a standalone app.

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    • David LuhmanDavid Luhman, 5 days ago

      Revolv App is huge in europe...

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    • William BengtssonWilliam Bengtsson, 4 days ago

      We do that at my company. We let people connect to over 3,000 banks (like Plaid). We have a free option where you can use the redirect like Plaid to let users connect to any bank they might have and gather info such as transactions, savings, loans, mortgages etc. https://tink.com/ with a demo here: https://demo.tink.com/

      Tink got big through our app that we made which is like Rollie, where the user can see their transactions and see down to details where the money is spent (groceries/rent/tobacco/healtcare/gym/etc.). https://itunes.apple.com/se/app/tink-follow-your-money/id649395387?l=en&mt=8 (not available in the U.S like Rollie, hence I hope it's OK I link it here)

      Could build something like Rollie with our open API if you have time :) We offer the PFM (Personal Finance Management) features like Budgets, Recurring Transactions, Saving goals, etc through our API as well if you'd want to build something like that fast :)

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    • Jesse C.Jesse C., 2 days ago

      .. but can't find similar apps or solutions in EU

      There are tons coming out of London. There are new banks that have some of this built-in like Monzo and Starling. Then there's third-party ones that connect to your bank like Yolt which use the new open banking initiative. Then there's marketplaces to find solutions like this such as Bud.

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      • Mauricio Paim, 19 hours ago

        Yes you are right somehow. However I don't see a lot of difference on what value is being offered between Monzo, Revolut, Transferwise, Starling. They look very similar Thanks for pointing out Starling which is new to me :)

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    • Jonah Grindler, 1 day ago

      Don't fret! Rollie is coming to the UK and EU soon.

      UK first with initial support coming for: Barclay’s, Lloyds, HSBC, NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, Nationwide Building Society, Santander, Allied Irish Banks, Bank of Ireland, Danske Bank, and Revolut with more on the way.

      Get notified when Rollie is available in a new region

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  • Jędrzej Rayski, 2 minutes ago

    Wow! It's so beautiful. I'm waiting when it will be available in EU.

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  • Michael RurkaMichael Rurka, 14 hours ago

    Very inspiring project! Love how simple it is. Thanks for sharing Johah.

    My main issue with aggregation apps is that they grab an expense's posting date—which can be 1-4 days delayed—vs. the actual transaction date. Even Mint grabs the posting date only, which makes it unusable for shorter budgetting periods (daily or weekly).

    Does Rollie display posting dates or transaction dates?

    Not even sure if grabbing transaction dates are possible (?). Since you put so much time into this, would love to know if you have any insights on the limitations around grabbing transaction X posting dates.

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    • Jonah Grindler, 1 hour ago

      Hey Michael, since Rollie connects with your bank, it displays the transaction posting date - the same as your banks transaction history and almost always the same day you spent the money. The delay can sometimes be longer depending on the bank. I would love to get the transaction date or even the moment of purchase but for most banks it’s not possible at this time.

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  • Nils Orion , 5 days ago

    This is very cool, will you add a budgeting feature eventually?

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    • Jonah Grindler, 5 days ago

      It's definitely in consideration. For now Rollie keeps things simple and just shows your spending as rolling and average amounts that give you the freedom to decide wether you're above or below your goal.

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  • Kyle Y, 1 day ago

    Not to be a curmudgeon, but how is this any different than my bank's app and what are the incentives of using it over other budgeting apps like Mint? I don't see any advertising so that's a plus, but these kinds of apps rarely launch with integrated ads. So it's very possible for that to come with time.

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    • Jonah Grindler, 16 hours ago

      Not at all, those are good questions. In a lot of banking apps your spending is buried under password logins, menus, and displayed like a hot mess. Mint is bloated.

      Rollie is faster & simpler to use, giving you the essentials at a glance. It’s a subtle distinction but Rollie is a spending tracker first, not a budgeting tool, if that makes sense.

      Rollie is supported by a bank connection subscription ($1.99 per month) so no ads will be integrated.

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  • Richard Hassen, 1 hour ago

    This looks really clean and neat. A barrier for entry for me is a basic functionality that I am not sure is within the scope of this tool - Can I separate out types of expenses? eg. I'd like to track how I am spending variable expenses vs fixed expenses, can Rollie do this?

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    • Jonah Grindler, 6 minutes ago

      At the moment, all your spending (rent, groceries, eating out etc.) lives under the same spending summaries.

      In the future, although we might not specifically support variable vs. fixed, we are eventually adding categories listed under 'wants' (like eating out) and 'needs' (like rent) which might cover the same dilemma.

      Let me know what you think, and feel free to send an email to support@rollie.co with any more suggestions!

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  • David LuhmanDavid Luhman, 8 days ago

    Congrats on launching your app! Just downloaded it :)

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  • Fatih Arslan, 6 days ago

    Just try this: http://www.kassa.co/EN/

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