• Crispo Colombo, 7 days ago

    I've been seeing these unrealistic After Effects interaction examples for years. Are designers really lacking actual work that they can show or are these things that just look cool as a demo? I have yet to see an application function in real life as they do in these demos, nor would I want to get constantly whooshed through the next overly dramatized transition. It would be refreshing to see some actual real-life examples that I could use as inspiration to build upon. This contributes nothing other than a portfolio piece to the easily impressed with no roots in practicality. Would love to hear another opinion on the matter.

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    • Remus Baltariu, 7 days ago

      This is my main concern as well. I see everywhere nice transitions, gradients and popping effects, but none of those can't make it to a final product. For me, these are just concepts. Nothing more. But for other designers, this kind of work can be misleading at some point and can create the wrong impression about what can be achieved. Great work nonetheless, inspiring to see this kind of exploration, but at the moment I think that are just concepts.

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    • Joseph BarrientosJoseph Barrientos, 6 days ago

      pretty much how i feel when looking on dribbble. I go for inspo but take everything I see with a grain of salt knowing my dev team and my users would hate me if I implemented a lot of what we see for the sake of adding it.

      I also have a gripe about dribbble comments but thats a whole other issue lol

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  • Mike BeersMike Beers, 8 days ago

    Nice, thanks for sharing.

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