What system do you use for design system?

2 years ago from , I'm a passionate UX designer with decade of experience in designing web services and mobile applications. I currently work as UX Lead at Sangre Digital.

Sorry, I start with a preach: Design systems – So hot right now! Most of the articles relating to the topic cover static side of the design system ex. designing components, states and patterns. But they often forget the "system" part in the design system. Hence the name "design system". Proper design system gathers all that stuff and makes it easy for any stakeholder to access online. Typical "living" design system allows to test out the components and interactions and makes it easy for developers to reuse the code. The system also handles the version controlling making sure that all the designers and developers are using the latest versions. Design system's main job is to work as a bridge between designers and developers. Well, if you have big house full of designers then one important job is also to scale and streamline the design across all designers.

So, here's the question: What system(s) are you using to create your company's, product's or client's "living" design system? I've involved in one quite comprehensive design system project and that system was custom made for our needs. But I assume there are existing services to handle all this?

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  • John Preston, 2 years ago

    At my last workplace we started working on something of a design system, but what we actually wanted was more of a 'kitchen sink' of all our components. I think probably, if you are at a scale where having a design system will be more useful than the energy required to maintain it, you might want to build it internally as a collaboration between designers and engineers. Both parties will probably have project specific stuff they want to reify in the system.

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