• Marcel van Werkhoven, over 2 years ago

    I've worked with and for start-ups. The main problems I've found with start-ups are the following - My idea is the best idea, if people are not interested the people are wrong - We don't need marketing, we need features. If we just add feature 'x' it'll take off just you wait and see! - We can't launch until it is perfect just look at how perfect Facebook is - In hindsight you set me up with a fraudulent contract because even if you made all the software, the idea(scribbled on a piece of paper) was mine and the idea is more valuable so I should automatically also own the source code

    Whenever pepole show up with another 'good idea' I ask them for a business plan, marketing plan and I give them a bunch of reasons why their idea might suck or how it has been tried before. If they pass the test we can do business. Most never return with a business or marketing plan. Some I forward the link to ProductHunt to show just how many competition there is, then I get an email back: "This guy stole my idea, should I sue him?".

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  • Ken Em, over 2 years ago

    The fact that buzzwords like "pain point" are used. :(

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