Practice presenting your design work, receive *real* feedback

14 days ago from , ex-WeWork, Author of "Solving Product Design Exercises"

Hey DN,

I believe that most of you will agree with me that presenting our work is an essential skill for any designer — freelancer/full time employee/job seeker.

After chatting with many readers of my book I realised that there is no resources for practicing presenting design work, receiving and providing real feedback (that is beyond "Great colors bro" ©)

To change that I'm matching between designers so they can connect for 1:1 video-calls, present their work and provide/receive feedback to like-minded colleagues.

I already organised (and guided myself) 5 calls like that. Since they were valuable for participants, I'm looking to expand this pilot and match between more designers in order to learn how such resource could be scaled :)

If you'd like to participate — please reach out over email hvoostik@gmail.com or DM on Twitter or leave your details in the comment and I'll send you more details!


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  • Andrew C, 4 days ago

    Interesting idea. I could never present my work openly like this due to content security and market strategy concerns, unfortunately :(.

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