Best apps for solo web designers/developers sharing work and assets with clients?

8 months ago from , Freelance (part-time) Web Developer

I'm trying to streamline my operation to include a simple hub of sorts for my clients and I to share assets, view and comment on mockups and art files, and everything else that's involved with our web project that provides more of a visual experience than just sharing files on Dropbox. Something like Trello (not so pretty) or Flow (much prettier) but more for a just a single operator/member(me) and guests(client). I'm liking Milanote but the freeform nature of the boards could be a little much for some of my clients.

So many collaboration apps and systems are built for teams and involve signups and subscriptions for everyone included but I will be the only team member. I don't want my clients, who will only have temporary access to a specific project for a limited time, to have to go through a long or confusing signup process. They just want a link where they can view the work, add comments, and/or upload assets of their own.