Ask DN: Suggestions for handling multiple off-site logins from one page

4 months ago from , UI Designer

Hey all!

Working on a website right now for a company that leverages a bunch of different 3rd party portals to manage the various different accounts that their customers may be using. I was wondering if anyone has ever worked on or used something similar, would love to hear some best practices for handling this sort of thing; and suggestions on how to best prep the user in the case that they may be going off-site to log in.

An example of what I mean handled in a clean, minimal way: (click the log in button to see what I mean.) https://www.umpquabank.com/

Thanks for the input DN!


  • Alexis WollseifenAlexis Wollseifen, 3 months ago

    I would probably use a simple dropdown system, as it's well known from the users, and it visually keeps the user on the login process.

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    • Brian Francois, 3 months ago

      This would definitely work if there were only say 3-5 portals, but I think the client uses like 12 different ones! Definitely a bit tricky, maybe theres a way to separate them by user type and give each it's own dropdown. The current site has nested dropdowns, so definitely want to avoid that :P

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