Show DN: LayoutLab.io — build landing pages in minutes, not days

over 2 years ago from , CEO @ UX Cabin

Hi Friends! Last year, I starting building a platform that would enable people to build landing pages faster and then download the bootstrap code when finished.

Today I'm releasing it > LayoutLab.io and I'd love your feedback!

LayoutLab Styling

In short, it allows you to:

  • Pick a prebuilt layout
  • Customize your layout's text, images, CTAs
  • Add in background images, change the styling
  • Adjust the grid sizing (think bootstrap 12 column grid)
  • Export the bootstrap code when done

Let me know what you think! > LayoutLab.io


  • Andrei A., over 2 years ago

    I have not tried the tool but visited the page. Thoughts:

    • It is a service which I would consider for colleagues building landing pages.

    • consider looking into netlify or similar for deployment integration.

    • liked the showcased designs and the video

    • the font selection for the page felt very unusual to me and bothered me. Could be just my purism though.

    • not quite sure what the difference between paid tiers given that they both offered unlimited pages.

    Good luck!!

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