• Linda Rupp, 10 months ago

    Nice and clean design. Cool work!

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  • James Young, 10 months ago

    It's got a nice colour palette but this is just a bootstrap themed site isn't it?

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    • Ernest Ojeh, 10 months ago

      Just curious. Why does it matter if it was built with bootstrap?

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      • James Young, 10 months ago

        It's posted here without comment and doesn't seem to be related to design in any way and so given the content is basically irrelevant to DN as a theme, there's not really much to comment on as there's nothing unique or interesting in the layout because effectively it's just a template site offering a random service.

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  • Julian H, 10 months ago

    Clean design work, but I'm missing credibility as there's no info about the company behind it.

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  • Alfred Clatworthy HolmenAlfred Clatworthy Holmen, 10 months ago

    OK this intrigued me since the comments here were a bit strange regarding something as suspect as IQ tests online.

    2 of the people commenting and the poster have almost exactly the same upvote history. Where one is https://hexcolor.co/color-picker which links to this IQ site if you hang around for a bit.

    The colour picker link also links to https://organichits.co which as the exact same design as this IQ site. Taking the nature of that site in to consideration, I'm giving this a pass.

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