How to analyse interview data?

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Hi DN! I'm doing some research where the main data collection method is semi-structured interviews and I'm currently trying to identify the best tool for helping with the analysis. The questions follow the "mom test" style and focus on revealing concrete examples of past behaviour of users.

After transcribing a single interview, I have around 10 pages of text to analyse in order to figure out patterns and identify concepts and the relationships between them. Academically, I'm following an inductive approach to find themes and build a model grounded in the data to describe and explain the behaviour.

The analysis is a manual process and I've heard of people doing it in text editors or spreadsheets but it seems like "ATLAS.ti" is one of the few dedicated tools for it. Does anyone have experience of using it? Here is an overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTX8zyZq7cM

I would appreciate to hear any other recommendations about analysing this type of data and picking the right tool!


  • Perttu Talasniemi, 8 months ago

    Affinity Diagram (or sometimes referred as Affinity Wall) is my trusted tool for analyzing qualitative data. http://www.servicedesigntools.org/tools/23

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  • Libor VancLibor Vanc, 8 months ago

    Hey Kenneth,

    I personally haven't used Atlas.ti but it looks interesting. I would recommend https://dinoinsights.com for analyzing qualitative data.

    Full disclosure: This is a tool I am currently working on, so I am pretty bias. But we use it internally for all of our research. Would love to hear what you think about it.

    Prior to using Dino Insights, I would use a spreadsheet and Post-it notes, which was very time consuming.

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